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Our strategies include:

  • Franchise Consulting

  • Generational Trusts

  • Business Executive Tax Reduction, and Tax Resolution

  • Informative, and Empowering Company Wealth Management

  • Company Associates Defined Benefits, and Retirement Planning

  • Commercial Property Insurance Claim Consulting

  • Detailed, and Fully Funded Business Succession Planning

  • Low Cost Partnership Buy/Sell Agreement Funding

  • Private Asset Protection

  • Professional Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education

  • Properly Structured, Cash Value Life Insurance

How We Can Help

Our strategies include:

  • Max Funded Index Universal Life (IUL)

  • Estate Planning

  • Income Planning

  • Asset Preservation

  • Tax Mitigation

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Business Planning

  • Trusts

  • Life Insurance


  • Wealth Management

  • Property Claim Consulting

The Simple Probate Buster

The Business Owner's Estate

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ShieldWolf Strongholds is a wealth growth, and protection company that houses over two decades of combined total experience in the Insurance, and Financial Services industries. We specialize in helping business owners, and other high income professionals have the option of retiring, or exiting their position in less than 5-10 years. Not that you necessarily want to exit, but why not have the option?

We also assist current independently wealthy retirees with philanthropy, and repositioning their assets to be taxed advantaged, safe, and liquid. Our customers personal, and professional assets are set up to easily, and privately pass to their children, beneficiaries, or favorite charities, at death, with properestate planning.

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